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Let’s talk about sex, baby. Or at least, let’s listen to others talk about it. We are freer than ever to talk about sex and relationships, yet getting into the nitty-gritty is still uncomfortable for many. Female sexuality is especially taboo in public discourse (um, rude!), but women are starting to call B.S. on the protocol of shame. Talking about sex isn’t dirty and providing access to information ensures more women are having safe, pleasurable sex and happy, healthy relationships. Since podcasts are all the rage, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorites that address topics surrounding sex and relationships so we can all enjoy and fight against sexuality stigma.


Future of Sex 

Bryony Cole explores “the evolving world of sex and tech in her podcast “Future of Sex.”  Although sex has been a constant in human development (duh), the introduction of new sexual technology, or sextech, has introduced a $30 billion industry and a new dimension to the experience of sexuality. Some have fully embraced this technological and sexual merger while others shy away from the topic, but since this progression is inevitable (and exciting) it helps to have an engaging format to learn about the ins and outs, pros and cons, and dangers and safeguards that technology provides within the world of sexuality. It’s not all Tinder and phone sex. The introduction of sextech has empowered women to track fertility, created some insane pleasure products, and expanded everyone’s ability to access information. Cole enlists the help of sex and tech experts to provide numerous perspectives on sextech and how to safely utilize it. Tune in to learn about technology that would blow grandma’s mind and explore how to navigate sexuality in the modern world. 

Listen to Future of Sex here!


My Dad Wrote a Porno 

Picture this: you open your email and see a message from your dad only to see that it is a porno novel and HE WROTE IT. You may be unable to control the cringe, but when this happened to Jamie Morton, he decided the best way to handle it was to share it with the world through the hilarious podcast: “My Dad Wrote a Porno.” You will be laughing as Jamie and two friends read the lines from his father’s book and provide commentary every step of the way. Every line seems more ridiculous than the next (so don’t worry if you’re not into erotic podcasts) and introduces the fact of parents being sexual beings in the most hilarious manner possible. Despite being incredibly comedic, this series also works to address the taboo around parents and children talking about sex. So yeah, you may not want to share an erotic novel of yours with your parent or child, but if Jamie’s father can share his erotic literature with his son, maybe we can all do a little better than awkward silences. 

Listen to My Dad Wrote a Porno here!


Sex with Emily

Dr. Emily Morse, a sexologist that talks like your best friend, addresses sex and relationship topics each week. Sex toys? Phone sex? Orgasms? You can ask Emily. Emily will talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly surrounding sex as well as diving into deeper topics about healthy relationships and how to handle dating and breakups. We are all probably most comfortable talking about sex with our best friend so listening to Emily allows you to listen in the format you know best, except this time with someone who has dedicated her life to this. Sex with Emily is constantly producing content that will answer questions you didn’t even know you had and help you discover more about your sexuality, relationships, and identity. 

Listen to Sex with Emily here!


Sex Talk with My Mom

Cam Poter and his self proclaimed C.O.U.G.A.R (Confident, Older, Unique, Genuine, Assertive, and Racy) mom sit down and dive into all things sex and relationships. The dynamic between this sexually-empowered mother and her comedian son will leave you laughing and learning every episode. Nothing is off-limits with these two (Porn stars? Ex-lovers? Bring them on!) and they sift through the discomfort while remaining honest and good-natured to the end. If you, like most of us, would rather not have these conversations with your own mom, let Cam and his mom do the talking for you!

Listen to Sex Talk with My Mom here!


Savage Lovecast

What is the field of sex-positivity without Dan Savage? This guy has been a sex and relationship guru since 1991 when he first started his popular sex-advice column. He was an early bloomer in the world of podcasts– Savage Lovecast started in 2006– and has kept the momentum going ever since. He continues to give sex and relationship advice to callers on his podcast in his famous empathic but straightforward tone. Call in if you have a question or just listen– you can rest assured that your advice is coming from someone with 30 years of sex-advice experience!

Listen to Savage Lovecast here!


Think any of these gems could add some spice into your podcast rotation? Listen, learn, and share the tips and tricks you pick up along the way!


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