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The overwhelming love. The fear of messing it all up. The sweet snuggles. The never-ending exhaustion. Motherhood is always an adventure. Right to Desire is proud to be partnering with four moms who are each thought leaders within their online communities. Through their unique perspectives, they are offering their audiences a platform to discuss the very intimate issue of women’s sexual desire.

For this piece, Gabrielle Blair, the colorful voice behind Design Mom, spoke with women’s health expert, Dr. Somi Javaid so that she could get her readers’ most frequently asked questions about Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) answered.

Here is an excerpt from Gabby’s interview:

How often do women experiencing HSDD show up in your office? Once a week? Once a month? How common is it?

For me, it’s daily. When I was in a traditional OBGYN practice, it was monthly. But for me, it’s daily. There are days when I will start 7 to 10 women on some type of treatment for low libido. And that’s not atypical in this office, because we specialize in sexual health, and other gynecologists do refer to us, so that’s why our numbers are higher.

Is every woman that has low or no sexual desire experiencing HSDD?

No. The definition of HSDD is making sure that it’s not attributable to a lifestyle change (like a divorce, or your pet recently dying), and not attributable to a medical problem, (like a recent depression diagnosis, or cancer).

So it can’t be a recent life change, it can’t be attributable to a new medicine side effect, and it has to actually be bothersome to the woman. So patients who don’t ever have sex, but don’t care, are not experiencing HSDD. It has to be bothersome.

Something happening in your life that’s going to make you not want to have sex? That’s not HSDD. HSDD has to be exclusive of all those things.”

To read the rest of the Q&A with Dr. Javaid, visit Design Mom


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