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Here on Right to Desire, we’re empowering women with information about their sexual health and relationships. Sometimes that means helping them figure out how to politely turn their partner down for sex, and other times it means bonding over a universal truth: men are hairy creatures.

We may refer to the tending of hair as “grooming,” but most men prefer the much more masculine-leaning “manscaping.” According to, manscaping means “to remove (unwanted body hair other than scalp hair) by waxing, shaving, etc.:.” It also serves as somewhat of a creative outlet for men to express themselves. They can choose from an array of styles, including completely bare,  the lion’s mane, the horizontal landing strip, or, if they’re feeling particularly fancy, an infinite array of shapes and designs. 

While body hair removal is always a personal choice, most men are clueless as to how women really feel about it. Some women might prefer a man to be clean shaven, and others find a hairy guy to be more appealing. But the general consensus is that women don’t really care what a man brings to the table with his grooming habits, as long as he practices good hygiene. 

That being said, there are some trims that have left us a little on edge. Scroll below to find some of the craziest, funniest manscaping attempts on the Web. We applaud these brave men for taking hair removal to a new level. 

1. F is for Friends who manscape together
manscaping shaved chest hair heart smiley face


2. Ugh, chevron patterns are SO 2013
manscaping shaved back chevron pattern

3. The classic landing strip
manscaping shaved chest hair landing strip line

4. Supermanscaping
manscaping shaved chest superman logo

5. Or, Batmanscaping
manscaping beard batman logo sign

6. When the gym just isn’t cutting it— just give yourself the six-pack you’ve always dreamed of

manscaping shaved chest hair abs

7. Seriously though, getting the perfect bikini body is never an easy task
manscaping shaved chest hair bikini top

8. Another great way to show off on the beach
manscaping shaved chest hair palm tree

9. The beautiful island of Manscapehattan
manscaping shaved chest hair skyline nyc

10. The reverse headband

manscaping ugly shaved headS

11. He wasn’t feline himself
manscaping shaved chest hair cat or kitty

12. Love is in the (h)air
manscaping shaved back hair angel cherub art

13. Sir, I mustache you why you did that
manscaping shaved chest hair mustache

14. Every time an electric razor zings, an angel gets his wings
manscaping shaved back hair angel wings

15. There is, of course, always the au naturale option
man with thick body hair all over


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