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The overwhelming love. The fear of messing it all up. The sweet snuggles. The never-ending exhaustion. Motherhood is always an adventure. Right to Desire is proud to be partnering with four moms who are each thought leaders within their online communities. Through their unique perspectives, they are offering their audiences a platform to discuss the very intimate issue of women’s sexual desire.

In this piece, Gabrielle Blair, the Oakland-based founder of Design Mom digs into the idea of strengthening intimacy through a series of open-ended questions:

“Did you ever read that article about how two strangers can ask each other a specific series of 36 questions and they’ll fall in love? It came out in 2015, but I never read it until this week. I suppose I wasn’t interested, mostly because I’m already in love and not looking for a new romantic partner. And also because my impression was that the whole idea was too gimmicky. So I ignored it. But as I was reading about the topic of intimacy this week, that original article crossed my path again. I finally read it, and I loved it.

The 36 questions the article references were developed by psychologist Arthur Aron, whose research focuses on creating interpersonal closeness (you can read the 36 questions here). And it turns out it’s not just Dr. Aron who think the questions we ask can have a huge impact on the closeness and intimacy in our relationships. A whole lot of experts agree.”

To find out more about what the questions entail and how they can potentially help your bond with your significant other, check out the full post on DesignMom.com!


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