Memes about marriage and sex
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Marriage is a vow to spend the rest of your life with another person. Marriage is being able to check off a different box on your tax forms. Marriage is never having to worry about who your plus one will be. Marriage is about embracing the awkwardness of a shared bathroom. Marriage is about the partnership and owning your imperfections.

Depending on the day — or heck, the hour— marriage can be defined in a million different little ways. It’s awesome! It sucks! It’s scary! It’s easy! But, no matter what your take on having a spouse is, you can no doubt agree: Marriage takes work, and marriage takes patience. The same thing can be said for that other part of your union that goes on behind closed doors. Yes, we mean sex and intimacy.

We put together a list of our favorite memes on this very topic because every now and then it’s important to come together with your husband or wife and have a good laugh at yourselves. If you have children together, you’ll need the comic relief every now and then, too. Those little buggers are cute, but man, can they put a damper on that needed alone time.

1. When the odds of winning the lottery are better

some e cards sex and bed and marriage

2. Do you think he’ll notice if I put a pillow under the sheets and go sleep in the guest room instead? 

funny hilarious meme about marriage and sex in bedroom


3. What age can they start making their own breakfast?

funny meme about sex with my wife

4. When she tries to turn me into a White Walker

woman with cold freezing feet in bed

5. TIP: Running the dryer can really drown out the noise 

sex with kids or babies


6. Pure, mouthwatering desire

funny hilarious meme about marriage and desire


7. And tomorrow, you can put the baby down and I’ll just stay in the bathroom extra long to “read”

rotten ecards meme about husband and wife and marriage


8. Want to drive me even more wild? Pour your beer can into a glass.

funny humor meme about marriage and using a coaster


9. At least it’s prioritized before going to the gym!

sex is a chore on a to do list

10. Not everything we say is spoken in code words

wife wants a massage and sex


11. Maybe it was the way I whispered: “Break me off a piece of that”?   

funny meme tweet about sex and chocolate


12. She’s going to love that $20 purse

funny hilarious meme about marriage and sex


13. May the odds be ever in your favor

funny hilarious meme about birthday sex


14. When you wish you could ctrl + alt + del in real life, too

married couple sex thoughts


15. When her libido turns it’s a libi-don’t

funny hilarious relatable meme about marriage and sex and babies



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